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Head Writer & Executive Producer

Gcinuhlanga Dibi has been a part of Outré since the beginning. He brings a strong background and exceptional skill set to his role as Head Writer.

Also commonly know as "Dibi", he has been involved in a great deal of aspects within the entertainment industry- mainly, music, television and film. Skilled in many mediums therein, he's been blessed with opportunities to work amidst a score of talented individuals and global entities that have assisted him in sharpening and honing his own expertise. However, even with all this variety of experience, what anchors all these talents are Dibi's writing abilities. His core belief is that any form of film, TV, music or content creation in general stems from one thing- storytelling. Furthermore, without any hesitation, he can unequivocally state that he was put on this earth to do just that- tell stories through his writing, regardless of the medium.


After graduating from film school, he commenced his post-graduate degree at Wits but due to his brimming career, he decided to pause his studies so that he can focus on paving his own career path. Since then, he has worked on projects within the music and filmmaking field.

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