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Founder & Executive Producer

Originally from Nelspruit, Zigi received a sponsorship from Mpumalanga’s Premier’s Office in order to further his studies post-matric. 

Since 2011, Zigi has taken a keen interest in the entertainment industry. He pursued his passion by studying Live Production at AFDA, where he garnered numerous accolades for his performances and learnt about the broad spectrum of the production process. 

He has acted in a number of productions such as “The Docket” and "Emjindini". He is also the creator of a web-series titled "Love" which has been nominated for best we-series at the Africa Rising International Film Festival. Zigi's skills extend beyond being an actor as he has also worked as a videographer, producer, editor and creative director for a number of projects including music festivals, music videos, short films and commercials.

As his skills continued to develop, he began to notice a gap in the market - he believes that basic government high schools and private institutions don’t do enough to help improve South Africa’s entertainment industry. Zigi aims to influence the industry not only through his talents, but also as a mentor to young filmmakers who wish to pursue a career in this industry. 

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